Research Opportunity for Undergraduate Students in STEM (ROUSS)

The Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (PR-LSAMP) is pleased to announce its scholarship opening for undergraduate research students in the fields of science, mathematics and engineering (STEM).

Participant Requirements

Not Currently participating in another funded program

US Citizen or
Permanent Resident

PR-LSAMP is not allowed by its rules and regulations to give economic support to foreign students

Full Time

12 Credits or more per semester in an undergraduate STEM Program

3.10 GPA
or higher

General and Major grade points average (GPA) must be 3.10 or higher.

What you need to Register

Statement of

Download the form, answer the questions, convert the final document to PDF format and upload it to your application. 


Upload a summary of your research, no more than 300 words.


Most recent version, can be the “Student copy” version.

2 Letters of recommendation

Each one from a faculty member of the STEM fields.

Have a PR-LSAMP Profile Account

Create or update your PR-LSAMP web profile.

How to Register

What are the participant’s responsibilities after been accepted?

Attend all PR-LSAMP Workshops

Comply with Research Responsibilities

Maintain GPA of at least 3.10

Submit a Semester Report

Present your research at JTM/PRISM

Support the PR-LSAMP research studies

Complete survey after consent

Regularly update your
PR-LSAMP profile

How to Register into ROUSS


Create a profile within PR-LSAMP. If you already have a profile, skip to step 2

  • Enter this link first and fill out the profile form:
  • After completing the profile information, click on “Create Profile” button
  • The system will send you an e-mail to validate your account. Check the email and verify the confirmation number.
  • Follow the link on the email and enter your email and the validation number to activate your profile account.

Associate a mentor to your profile. If you already have the mentor associated in your profile, skip to step 3

  • Login to your profile:
  • Upon entering your profile, look at the Mentor area on the right side – Click “Add Mentor” to add your mentor to your profile
  • On the next screen, select the Institution to which the mentor belongs
  • Then type the mentor’s first or last name to narrow down the list.
  • When you see your mentor’s name, click on the “Select Mentor” button. If your mentor does not appear on this list, contact us.
  • Your mentor should appear on your profile. But the “Status” will read: “Pending mentor confirmation”. The system will send an e-mail to the mentor to confirm. We recommend that you follow up on this process so that the mentor does it as soon as possible.
  • After the Mentor has confirmed, you will be able to register in ROUSS

Registering in ROUSS

  • BEFORE REGISTERING: Please have the following documents and information available
    • Download and answer the questions of the “Statement of Purpose Form” that you will find here: – save it on your computer as a PDF.
    • PDF copy of your transcript.
    • The names and emails of two professors who will submit your letter of recommendation.
  • Login to your profile:
  • After entering your profile home page, below your personal information there is a section that reads “Available Activities for Registration”. Look for the ROUSS program and click the “Register” button that is on the left.
  • Fillout the form and upload the required documents on their respective fields.
  • Now click on “Register” button to submit your form.
  • If everything goes well, the system send an email to each professor so that they can proceed to upload the letter of recommendation. A message should appear on top of your profile.